Thursday, February 4, 2010


It has been terribly rainy here lately. I rode Tuesday, but yesterday and today it has been a constant drizzle of rain, which, when totaled, leads to a flooded over bridge on the driveway to the stable. Poor Greta is probably bored out of her mind, though she's never acted that way when I see her, probably because they are very good about keeping a constant supply of hay when the horses are in all day. And she has her mane-man, Jackson the good ole lesson horse, next door, and both are fond of the occasional nuzzle and greeting. Very cute.

But I thought today, concerning the imagined boredom situation, Greta doesn't care much for those little horse toys. She's too sophisticated for those. She does enjoy her gourmet salt lick, sweet Gala apples, organic raspberry leaves from Romania, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, and imported hay (and in imported I mean from the hay shed. It's a foreign country to her, so it counts as imported). She needs a more grown-up form of entertainment. And then I came across the photo to the left.

Meet Siglavy Angelica II-1, a Lipizzaner stud, and Greta's new pin-up. I figured that she didn't need anything too racy, just something to admire while she is nestled away in her stall. After all, who wouldn't want to sit there and admire him? He's grey, muscular, and foreign. Not to mention the winner of multiple USDF Horse of the Year awards during his career in the 90s. He's like a George Clooney or Sean Connery for Miss Greta of the Stall Manor. I'm sure he is a great entertainer, what with his performances in the ring. Another aspect for Greta to sit and admire over while the rain drizzles away outside, tucked up in her bathrobe on her velveteen couch, munching on delectable delicacies of green hay and reading her issues of Equine Vogue.

And here is another stud for her to gaze upon: Maestoso II Daniela. One of the few horses I've seen that looks stunning in a drop noseband. This adds to his aesthetic quality. Greta, being a connoisseur of what looks good obviously, likes a man who can pull off odd fashion most fashionably. And look at his face! Such gentle eyes. Very easy on Greta's eyes.

Ah, but then the cruel reality hits. This boredom situation is all imagined, all due to the fact that I have not been able to see the beautiful girl for two whole days. The reality is, I am the one who is bored, and Greta only has eyes for the hay box. Sorry studs.


  1. Those are some handsome men! Very creative!

    You should get Greta a Lipizzaner calendar:
    Scroll down to the bottom for 2009(?) calendar. Awesome dressage site and trainers, by the way.

  2. I did find a GORGEOUS calendar by Gabrielle Boiselle of Lipizzaners at the Piber stud. It's in this artsy German style though and there's no room to write anything down on it! Thank goodness for my school agenda!

  3. Lol. I often find "boyfriends" for Denali and always talke about putting them in her stall. Funny...

  4. Hi rachel and denali! Welcome to the blog!


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