Thursday, January 7, 2010


Okay, so we're having an arctic blast down here, and as you can imagine Texans are not used to any weather below thirty! It's amazing to think that not four months ago we had over 32 days straight of 100+ temperatures. But we have a saying down here: if you don't like the weather in Texas, wait five minutes, it'll change.

I did ride her Sunday and Monday, and she looked awesome. We really seem to be getting the "in the frame" down, though I need some pictures or video so I can see is her hips are actually down and she's not being pulled into the bit. It's hard to tell when you're going in a circle by the little mirror: I need to see where I'm going! I could probably actually braid up her mane so I can see how her neck looks like from the saddle. When they're truly "on the bit," from what I've been told, the base will be thicker than the poll. With her butch but mane flopping all over the place, it's hard to tell! But when we halted at the very end, she actually stopped on all four and she was in frame. I started freaking out and patted her all over the neck and went "OMG GOOD GIRL GOOD GIRL!". I need to remember to give Miss Greta more frequent breaks on a long rein, because she will get out of frame after a while, afterall she is using some previously dormant muscles! Her new nickname will be Pompeii :)

Today, and likely tomorrow as well, I went out to say howdy to miss Greta, groomed her, treated, cleaned out her stall, and hand-walked her, the whole time thinking "It's too cold!"

Now, long story on how I ended up on this page, but turns out this particular photographer got shots at a Polocrosse championships in 2008. That's what Greta used to do, so I went to peek just out of curiosity, and found this:


The horse has the same face, same black shading on the face and around the eyes: it's just a spitting image.

And then I saw the album title: USPC Polocrosse CH 2008. USPC is the US Pony Club, right? Or perhaps it's US Polocrosse? I don't really know. But goodness that horse looks just like Greta. The team was called the Scorpions, and her rider was #2, and I scanned the other albums, and it was the same horse and it still looked a lot like Greta. What do y'all think?

I'm still geeking out :)


  1. Wow, that is very cold weather for Texas! Brrr. I'm glad your work is going well with Greta :)

    Wow, that horse does look a lot like her! It'd be difficult to tell for sure, though.

  2. USPC is us pony club, you chould join its so much fun
    they have dressage rallies!! :) (like a giant dressage show)

  3. Sam: oh I also saw your pictures from the AECs on there, awesome!

    Paigeley: Pony club, ok! But don't you have to have a pony to be in it?


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