Monday, December 28, 2009

Trail Riding Fun & Supplements Question

So I took Miss Greta on her very first BIG trail ride with me yesterday. And I got video, of course. Just a note: the part where we walking on a paved road, the road's closed due to construction and since it was a Sunday, no workers were present. Just our luck! I love where she's slurping from the creek that runs through the stables at the end!

Now, a question for y'all: I've been looking around for a supplement with Selenium and Antioxidants in them, to help with Greta building muscle (along with the extra roughage and grain with an ample amount of fat). I found SmartPak's SmartE & Se Pellets that looked good. Does anyone else know of a similar supplement that they have tried and it works well, possibly cheaper? SmartPak's is about $0.64 a day for their 3.7 lb/112 day supply bucket. She wouldn't be getting them in SmartPaks, because she already gets Black Oil Sunflower seeds for hoof and coat (it's birdseed but it works great, cheaper, but don't some in SmartPaks!) and raspberry leaves to even her out (also cheaper than some of the other calming supplements I've seen out there, Mare Magic comes in SmartPaks, but I've found the bulk package of raspberry leaves on Amazon far cheaper, also works GREAT!)

I also found two others, and these are the comparisons:

E-Se-Mag: $.042/day - 1,000 I.U. Vitamin E - 2 mg Selenium - 3,000 mg Magnesium (Curious, how does Magnesium help?)

Finish Line Vitamin E & Selenium: $0.62/day - 1,250 I.U. Vitamin E - 1 mg Selenium - no Magnesium

SmartE & Se Pellets: $0.64/day - NASC Seal (what's NASC?) - 1,250 I.U. Vitamin E - < 1 mg Selenium - no Magnesium

So... what do you guys think? I've always heard pretty good reviews about SmartPak supplements, but that E-Se-Mag looks good, too. Oh, Greta, the things I do for you :)


  1. I love how inquisitive she looks the whole time. :) How did you hold the camera during this? Did you have it out the whole time? Very neat video!

  2. She was very interested in everything, and took it all in stride! Also, I have found/been told, that if you don't think about, say, the big scary tractor driving by and don't freak about it because you think your horse is going to freak about it, then your horse usually won't freak about it. It's helped a lot!!!

    As for the videos, I just took little shots here and there and let her have her head on a loose rein. She did very well.

  3. Looks like a fun ride, but just as a courtesy if you see newly planted grass try not to ride on it. I know you were riding on a road being built, but when people see hoof tracks "ruining" fresh grass it tends not to endear non-riders to horses being out and about:)


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