Monday, November 30, 2009


I did ride this weekend! And we did very well, I felt. Tonight is a jumping lesson, and it rained, so only the covered arena is open and there's a lesson going on in there so: no riding! Anyway, these are all from Saturday, November 27. Enjoy, and polite critque is appreciated!!

Walking a 10 meter circle to the left

More walking. See what I mean how I can't keep my heel down when I push her on?

I love this picture! Walking a 10 meter circle to the right.

Trotting a 20 meter circle to the left. I'm posting the trot.

Trotting a 20 meter circle to the right. I'm posting.

Pushing her into a more energetic walk before I let her out on a free rein to cool down.



  1. Greta is such a photogenic mare! with such a kind eye and the matching wraps and saddle pad are quite awesome.

    I have the same problem with my heels creeping up when I put my leg on I started doing a legs away exercise that really helped me learn to wrap my legs around my horse. I'll give a link to it at the bottom, it's really easy (at the walk at least)unless you have a really round horse in which case it can be a bit painful. I doubt you would have that problem with Greta though

    p.s. I noticed you have your browband on top of Greta's forelock, I've always been under the impression that that would irritate them or damage the forelock,maybe not though :]

  2. Cute mare! I love her matching saddle pad and polos. Sofie likes purple, too, but her saddle pad is basic black. They don't really make purple sheepskin pads, and Miss Sofie likes her cushy saddle pad.

    Make sure to look where you're going! I have that problem, too...your posture is much better than mine, but you could improve it even more by looking up. And your stirrups are pretty might be easier to keep your heel down if you had them a little shorter. Also, if you can get Greta listening to a light leg aid (I don't know how sensitive...or not...she is) you won't be as tempted to lift your heel and "gouge". I know I used to use my heel a lot more when I rode really "dead-sided" horses. Your position is really nice, though!

  3. Branders: Thank you! I looked up that exercise and it looks like it will be fun to try! Yes, usually the forelock goes above however the top strands are very short and wispy and blow behind her ears and tickle her so she constantly shakes her head. It hasn't seemed to bother her, dunno. I've also seen some riders whose horses have long forelocks tuck them under the browband and off to the side so it doesn't blow all over the place and it doesn't get in the horse's eyes. Guess it's a rider preference lol

    Meghan: yes, we have a black pad too and it's super nice and soft, but I noticed when I used it a lot it was starting to fade, so I going to use it for shows only now :(

    Look where I'm going? Why did I forget that? I get really focused on looking at where Greta's head to see if she's straightening out, so focused in fact, that I forget to actually look all the way ahead and not just what's right in front of us. Silly me :p

    Thanks on the position! From the side it looks good, but from the front I tend to lean too far over to one side or the other when we turn or do leg yields, or maybe that's just me? Greta has her sensitive days and she also has her "whatever" days (like the when these pics were taken lol). Sensitive days are great, but days like this I have to really push with my seat and put lots of leg on her. The leathers don't feel long, but they do look long now that you mention it! I got some new ones (the ones that were on the saddle were old leather and stretcihng out) so we'll see what the instructor says when I readjust them.

  4. Leaning to one side is a common problem my trainer said. I do it too. She had us work on that extensively for one lesson, although I don't have heels down issues. As for looking ahead, just look up past the ears, you don't have to be finding China as my instructor told me one day. I was looking TOO far ahead! A couple of my friends ride with forelocks tucked and they are mucho experienced. As long as your browband isn't tight, it shouldn't matter a bit. I do it on J. sometimes and give him a cute side swoop, but mostly out as I like how that looks and don't have wispys to deal with. Well, hope you don't mind the unsolicited info., opinions are like you know what's.... and while I like getting them, I generally know what I need to work on... But thought you may like knowing that the leaning to one side or the other is VERY common and gets better as long as it is addressed by your instuctor correctly and you work on it! I even work on it in my car around turns, working not to lean and let my car fall out in back. LORD help me! :)

  5. Haha yes I practice in my car too! Thanks for the opinion :)


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