Sunday, May 6, 2012

Why I will never work in the horse industry...

Life is busy, finals, blah, blah, blah. Sorry I haven't been blogging for a good while now. Not like I've had anything too terribly interesting to say lately. Get over it ;)

But this past week, as busy as it was, was a nice break from the horse world and, you know, having a life and all. And it made me realize further that I am so stinking glad I will NEVER EVER work in it.

Too much estrogen. Sorry girls, but we're already pretty crazy. Something about horses makes us SUPER FREAKING CRAYCRAY crazy. There's also the opposite problem with too much testosterone and something about horses makes some men be absolute over-domineering macho jerks. Not all, but enough that it's noticeable. It's just something about horses makes horsewomen let their inner OCD freakiness/witchiness come out. I don't even want to fathom why, but I'm happy as long as I'm aware it's there.

The super-sensitive people are also mind-boggling. If you're that timid, what drew you to be around and attempt to control a 1000+ animal?! As long as you learn to toughen up from your time with the big critters, then I'm happy. But usually you don't, and then you resort to magical sticks and round-pen-bonding voodoo. And then I cringe.

Oh, and the horse world is chuck full to the brim of first-world problems. Seriously. It's a group of people with their head so far up in the clouds they can't even the see world around them or below them. It's also chuck full of opinions, which is what probably what does every horseperson in: everyone and their pet turtle has an opinion on how things should be done.

The sad part is that I have been all of these people. I would like to think that I have moved on, but I know I still have my moments. At least I'm aware of them and not entirely self-righteous. It's a start, right? I have learned to only take my negativity out on not the entire world. Barn world included.

I love horses. Some more than others. I love riding. I love riding some horses more than others. I also understand that they are horses, not humans. I love the horses, not always the people.

I just want to ride and pet my pretty pony. Remind me to never work in the horse industry and to get my own dang place to keep my horses when I'm older. I understand that the latter entails a whole other set of problems, and thankfully my boarding barn I'm at now has little to no drama. Missed that bullet!