Monday, July 23, 2012

A hipster weighs one instagram...

I shall update everyone on Greta via various pictures from instagram (and a few not prettied up with instagram *sad face*). It will show how excitingly repetitive our summer has been. She's enjoying being a horse out in the pasture, though, I'm waiting anxiously for her next vet check so we can see what the future holds. It might not be a bad thing for her have more pasture rest time once school starts up... it would give me more time to hit the books. Because I seriously need an excuse to NOT go see her but for a short grooming visit when given a choice between hours at the barn and hours studying.

I learned my lesson during freshman year that being a barn bum and going to classes do not mix well. Well-planned pony visits that coincide nicely with class and studying schedules DO mix well :)

As for my summer, it has consisted of working between two to three jobs (cashcashcashcash), a craptastic relationship fail (ouchouchouchouch), discovering this thing called a social life (funfunfunfun), art projects (relaxing), and landing a pretty sweet gig helping JenJ out with her ponies that I absolutely ADORE right behind Greta ;)

So now, pictures of our EXCITING summer!

Here's one of her grazing! Actually, this was spring, but still...

Here's one of her giving me a funny face in the crossties.

She is pro at this trick. She should get paid she is so professional at it.

I did sit on her once or twice and walked around. I just couldn't help myself. No swelling or ouchniess afterwards either. Yay!

And then she got an abscess that quickly resolved itself...

...which meant I could use my handy dandy vet tech skills to make a pile of duct tape boots!

And her sitting pretty for grooming, per usual.

Oh, Lizzy has since moved to the big mare pasture and has attached herself to Greta's hip. Greta is being a good mommy and Lizzy is a very good citizen now on the ground, and I'm growing even MORE attached to the Lizzard. Dang it.

Oh, and SmartPak has a SMARTPURPLE plaid now! My prayers have been answered!

And the latest picture of me torturing my horse by putting sunglasses on her head. Pretty cool, huh? She's my homie pony still. That new Lil Wayne song was stuck in my head and killing my brain cells. MY HOMIES STILL!

So, yeah, that's it. Actually, here's one more interesting thing I found this summer:
The sacrum of a rodent. Found in the hoof of Jen's pony, Saga. My inner biologist geeked when I saw this. Geeked. Out.